Taking a tech reality check

Businesses’ relationship with technology is rapidly changing, but adoption isn’t the end of the story 2020 has been a watershed moment for technology. Amid the Coronavirus crisis there has been an acceleration of businesses’ tech strategies; ramped up homeworking and digital has fast become a lifeline for many businesses. That makes it a fitting timeContinue reading “Taking a tech reality check”

New investment: how to spend it

The Budget announcements had chunky commitments on key areas of focus for UK innovation and digital policy: On R&D: a 15% uplift in R&D funding next year, and plans to get to £22bn per year by 2024/5, alongside an increase in the rate of the R&D tax credit (and a consultation on whether qualifying R&DContinue reading “New investment: how to spend it”

Why the world needs more Women in Tech

This time last year, to mark International Women’s Day, the CBI had its first Women in Technology network meeting and I’m delighted to say that the group is now going from strength to strength. We set the group up because technology is shaping the future, and if that’s going to be a future that worksContinue reading “Why the world needs more Women in Tech”

Moving from ambition to action on digital infrastructure

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Parliament and Internet Conference, to discuss how the UK can meet its ambitious targets to get gigabit capable broadband into every home and business across the UK by 2025. The UK should lead the way the fourth industrial revolution in the same way we didContinue reading “Moving from ambition to action on digital infrastructure”

It’s Time to Be More Magpie on the UK’s approach to innovation

This blog is called Be More Magpie because it refers to the CBI’s campaign to encourage businesses to adopt tried-and-tested technologies and management practices that other businesses are already using. But policymakers can Be More Magpie too. As I mentioned last week, the international example tells us that there is lots the UK can learnContinue reading “It’s Time to Be More Magpie on the UK’s approach to innovation”

Raising the game on R&D

There is less than a month to go to the government’s first Budget. The Conservative manifesto has promised historically large increases in investment to help the UK get to a target of spending 2.4% of GDP on R&D. In this context, one of the most important questions we have to ask is: how can theContinue reading “Raising the game on R&D”

About the author

Felicity Burch is the Director of Innovation and Digital at the Confederation of Industry (CBI). The CBI is the UK’s most influential business organisation. Felicity leads the CBI’s policy work to create the conditions that enable businesses to come up with new ideas, invest in research and development (R&D) and adopt new technologies. Prior toContinue reading “About the author”